Guru Brahma

This is a series where I will be coming out with little known facts about the movement, the unsung heroes, the barefoot soldiers, anonymous acts impacting anonymous people. The first post is about the first citizen of Lead India 2020 Foundation. A very private tale of his Guru Bhakti. “ Guru Brahma”. Though I have not taken his prior permission, I intend to write to him. I hope he excuses me for this in the interests of Lead India movement.

The person I am referring to is Sri. Dasari Jai Ramesh General President Lead India 2020 Foundation & Chairman of almost 13 billion corporate giant Vijai Electricals Ltd with almost wide operations.
Sri Dasari Jai Ramesh hails from a small village in Krishna district and from a very humble background. His Akshara Abhyas was done by a teacher from the village. After that Sri Ramesh went on to conquer great heights in education field and moved to Vijaywada and Hyderabad to start his won enterprise Vijai Electricals Ltd. Every one knows that Vijai Electricals enjoys a niche position in the transformer technology in the world.
The humble school teacher went on to become head master and retired. There was no contact between him and his student for decades. How can teacher remember one student out of the thousands that he must have taught, but the student always remembers his teacher? Teacher Sri. Sivaramiah then in his nineties, passed away in 2006.
Sri Ramesh was browsing through the newspaper the next morning when he saw the photograph and the message in the obituary. He immediately recollected that this was the same person who had performed his Akshara Abhyas. He immediately called the people located the address and rushed there to pay his respects and express his condolences. This he did despite his extremely busy schedule.
This is an excellent example of Guru-bhakti. Sri. Ramesh is very modest and has never mentioned this in Lead India. I know about this only because the teacher Late Sri. Sivaramiah is distantly related to me.
Experiments with truth
Sri. Ramesh when he realized that he was an icon and had people were taking him as role model, decided to reform himself he quit smoking, and resolved to always speak only truth, to this day he is following it.
Sri. Ramesh & Lead India
Sri. Ramesh is among the founder members of Lead India 2020 Foundation. He is a silent worker and has silently served the foundation. He has not only provided office, furniture, infrastructure, telephones, internet, free, he has also paid salaries for the state office from 2004. He has donated heavily towards the conducting camps in Krishna & Medak districts. He arranged more than Rs. 2.5 million for Dr. Kalam’s birthday celebration event at L B stadium and oversaw the successful management of the event.
The 2nd National Movement launch from Sanga Reddy Medak on 15th August 2007 by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was a grand event we still talk about. Sri. Ramesh was a major contributor (almost quarter million rupees), along with two others towards the costs of T shirts, Caps, badges etc.
In 2007 December when the movement was in financial stress due to the leaving of a major contributor & trustee due to personal reasons, Sri. Ramesh took upon himself the responsibility of financially supporting the movement with a monthly budget of Rs.150, 000 towards salaries and trainers expenses.
Finally I would like to conclude that, I am writing this article in my personal capacity, and it is not a Lead India official document. I have not interacted with Sri. Ramesh before writing this article. I will inform him after publication. The financial figures quoted are known to me because I was handling Finance, Administration, and operations for Lead India during that period.

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