Let’s Help Build Ladders out of Poverty

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Creating Ladders of Opportunity for Unskilled Workers.

Just pause to give a thought for our less privilaged fellow human beings.

Changes in the global economy have the potential to leave unskilled workers behind if they are not given opportunities to develop skills and engage in enterprise.
The current trends toward greater deregulation, privatization and integration of the global economy affect the labor market. In the developed world, unskilled workers find their jobs are slowly being replaced by new technology or outsourced to low income countries.
According to the UN International Labor Organization (ILO), lifting unskilled workers out of poverty will require “creating new cycles of opportunity and local wealth creation” that “respect the opinions of poor people.”
“People in poverty go through each day with the will to survive, but without the support and possibilities to move up the ladder of opportunity,” says the ILO Director-General, Juan Somavia. “Imagine where their efforts could take them if that ladder were in place. Our common responsibility is to help put it there.”

Let Us Help build ladders out of poverty.

Best wishes,

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3 Responses to “Let’s Help Build Ladders out of Poverty”

  1. Sebastiaan Brouwer Says:

    Hi Shyam,

    Interesting article however how or what do you propose to do?

    Kind regards,


  2. Rob Sayre Says:

    Thank you for your work and this short, but inspiring message. I am curious also about what you are doing or propose to do.

    Rob Sayre

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