American jobs, silverlining at last

The latest news from USA is encouraging for the jobless Americans. The restriction on H1B visa recruitment is a welcome step. These jobs will now go to the jobless Americans. The companies accepting govt bailout money will need to accommodate the jobless Americans first. A good  development.

These H1B employees are not only creating problems for Americans, they are also contributing to the inflation in their own country. They are buying up everything in their own country, including land with their affluence and making them unreachable for the local population.
It is always better to work for the growth of your country, create jobs, and develop the country and the populace.

I hold American industry responsible for this situation, they do not work to develop their people and instead want to hire readymade material from other countries.

The American Universities are also guilty, as they sell their education in other countries with placement guarantees, and deprive Americans of even the small employment opportunities.

Beat wishes,



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