Esteem Elevation Highway to Employability

Esteem elevation the highway to employability

Self esteem elevation is very critical factor leading to employment. It is a natural tendency to be low on self esteem during unemployment. Add to this are the discouraging remarks of the friends and relatives. .Even well meaning people with their pity &sympathy hit a severe blow on your self esteem. Even false praise will do no good. Come on!!! We are mature enough to distinguish between true & false and it hurts.
How to elevate your self esteem?

Remember, not so long ago, you were employed, considered competent, even had boss & colleagues singing your praise. You cannot become incompetent suddenly. Your low self esteem is dominating your mind set and thought process. It needs to be rekindled

There are many things you are good at, May be they do not give you job or money, but they give you leadership status. You may be good at cooking, drawing, interiors, or any thing. Just before you structure your resume or before an important interview, do something you are good at, let people see and appreciate, you know it is genuine. You can even visit an orphanage and give pep talk to the less privileged. Management will also like it. This gives you a leadership status, now you are a giver not a seeker, being a giver always adds to the self esteem. When you attend the interview with high self esteem, you outperform beyond your own expectation.

No body can provide employment to anyone. One’s own talent at full bloom can do it, and that is possible only at elevated levels of self esteem. work on your self esteem. Go and conquer the world, and when you are employed, spread the good word, others will get motivated; this could well become the successful employment process.

Best of luck



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